In this section you will find many free software, useful and all available, developed by H.S.E. di Graziano Paolo Vavassori for Our mission is to give you helpful and practical programs, and at the same time, increasing the popularity of this free and not commercial monthly magazine, without investing in advertising. is a monthly magazine enrol to Register Press of Milano (nr 256 of april 13, 2004), so we warrant you that our products are virus and dialer free, Microsoft® Windows® 2000 and higher, system server included, and they need Framework 2.0 or above to work. Also, they don’t require installation, so they are suitable for Pen Suite.
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Infobergamo® MySecretKey - ENG          Overview and support - English
Discreet, safe and reliable, you can store all the Account and Password that you want,
all you have to do is remember your credentials for access to the program.
Download:  MySecretKey.exe

Infobergamo® Create Sitemap - ENG          Overview and support - English
Dedicated especially to those who develop static internet sites,
it allows easly to create a sitemap needed to be visible in Google.
Download:  Create_sitemap.exe
Install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2 - ENG
H.S.E. is licensed by Microsoft to Framework redistribution.
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